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We all need to know how genetics, the environment and lifestyle affect our health. Please join us in this discovery adventure!

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What is the 10,000 Families Study?

Research studies help people understand and address issues that may be complicated or not clear for everyone: for instance, how good health or risk factors pass from generation to generation. We are inviting 10,000 families to join us in this journey of discovery. We will share our findings to benefit everyone!

Who can join?

Who can join?

At least two members per family

  • First member needs to be 18 or older and live in Minnesota
  • Other family members of any age who live in Minnesota or any neighboring state
    (Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, or Wisconsin)
Who can join?

Why should I join?

Several reasons! Here are some of them:

  • You will receive gift cards for your participation
  • We will send some results from your Health Visit & Radon test
  • Your contribution to science will be invaluable!
Who can join?

What do I need to do?

Take our eligibility survey

  • Learn if your family qualifies for the study - Click on "join"
  • If your family qualifies, see what participation involves
  • Invite your loved ones

Latest News & Updates

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NCI Grant to Study Environmental Exposures and Cancer Risk

University of Minnesota-based 10,000 Families Study was recently awarded a UG3 grant from the National Cancer Institute (NCI). This new award provides funding to investigate radon and chemicals of concern in drinking water which are suspected risk factors for hematologic cancers.

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Rural Minnesota families sought for long-term study on health

A research study that will look at how genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors affect Minnesota families is underway. The goal is to have 10,000 Minnesota families enrolled in the multi-generational project, representing urban and rural communities.
Written By: Carolyn Lange

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Upcoming Events

The dangers of radon gas and how to keep your family safe.
There could be a deadly intruder hiding in your basement! Radon is a radioactive gas that has no color and no smell, and exposure to it can lead to serious health conditions.
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Stroke Prevention, Disparities, & Links to COVID-19
Featuring Dr Haitham Hussein, Associate Professor in Neurology at the University of Minnesota Medical School. His specialty is stroke. This talk will focus on prevention and the relationship between COVID-19 and stroke.
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Science is rewarding!
This is a limited time offer:
Participate in our study and we’ll give you a free ticket to the Minnesota State Fair. Your free ticket is good to use any day between August 26 and September 6, 2021. Verify that your family is eligible to participate!

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