Your participation is very important!

With your help, we can expand our understanding of how to help current and future generations of Minnesotans be as healthy as possible.

Below is a guide to what will be required of you, should you choose to get involved.
For more information please review our frequently asked questions and Consent, HIPAA and privacy.

Step 1

Invite Family Members

First family participant invites other family members to participate 

We provide invitations to forward to your family members, and for you to enroll your children under age 18.

Start the Survey
Step 2

Health Questionnaire & Consent/HIPAA Form

Everyone completes a Health Questionnaire and fills-out a Consent Form and a HIPAA form!

Learn more about the consent form on the FAQ section "Participation & Consent"

Next, you will complete a health questionnaire. For information aboutwhat questions will be asked, click on the links below.

  • What is on the adult questionnaire? For  Adults
  • What is on the child questionnaire? For children (Filled out by Parent/Guardian)

When participants complete a questionnaire, either for themselves or an underage child we will send them a $15 gift card as a thank you from our study!

After you complete your Health Questionnaire, we will ask you to fill out a consent form and a HIPAA form. The consent form includes important information about the study that will help you make an informed decision about your participation. The HIPAA form is to allow your healthcare provider to share your records with us in order to round-out your health information.

Step 3

Attend a Health Visit

Each participant takes part in this visit, including children.

At the health visit our study team will take physical measurements and samples and provide you with a wristband to wear for 7 days.

What type of information is collected?
See this link for more information: Health Visit

Each participant that completes the health visit receives a $15 gift-card.

Step 4

Return Environmental Tests

Each participant is given a wristband to wear for 7 days to test for environmental exposures, and each household will receive a kit to test for radon at home.

  • Receive a $5 gift-card for sending-in your wristband

  • Receive a $5 gift-card for sending in your home radon test (one per household)

    Note: We may ask families that get their drinking water from a private well to collect some samples too. They would also receive a gift-card for that test.

Step 5

Periodic Check-In

We will ask you for health updates every two years.

Everyone is encouraged to keep us updated on their contact information so they don’t miss important information from our Study!


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