Your participation is very important!

With your help, we can expand our understanding of how to help current and future generations of Minnesotans be as healthy as possible.

Below is a guide to what will be required of you, should you choose to get involved.
For more information please review our frequently asked questions and Consent and privacy documents.

Step 1

Invite Family Members

First family participant invites other family members to participate 

We provide invitations to forward to your family members, and for you to enroll your children under age 18.

Start the Survey
Step 2

Fill out a Health Questionnaire

Everyone completes a health questionnaire!

Information about the questionnaires:
For Adults
For children (Filled out by Parent/Guardian)

When participants complete the questionnaire, we will include them in a drawing for a $250 gift card as a thank you from our study!

Step 3

Attend a Health Visit

Each participant, including children, attends a Health Visit.
Notice: In-person visits are on hold due to COVID-19, but you can email [email protected] for remote options.

At the health visit our study team will collect Physical assessments and collect samples.

Each participant that completes the health visit receives a $25 gift-card as a thank you from the study!

Step 4

Periodic Check-In

We will ask you for health updates every two years.

Everyone is encouraged to keep us updated on their contact information so they don’t miss important information from our Study!


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