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Our team is made up of experienced investigators from the School of Public Health and the Medical School
We also depend on multiple full-time and part-time staff members and volunteers

to make 10,000 Families happen! 

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Following large groups of people over time is the single best way to understand why some people get disease and some stay healthy. 10,000 Families is a unique example because we're following families rather than unrelated individuals. This is important because families share both genes and habits that can affect health, so 10,000 Families will be especially powerful. My hope is that the students I'm training today will be running the study 30 years from now and beyond.

Logan Spector

Principal Investigator (He, him, his)

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I think people WANT to participate in research, and I am excited about the opportunity to partner with Minnesota families to understand their unique health concerns. My goal is to use the information and samples from 10,000 Families to understand how differences in our immune systems contribute to health and wellness.

Heather Nelson

Co-investigator (She, her, hers)

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My main goal, a cancer researcher, is to prevent cancer and decrease mortality in our state. When I hear about a neighbor or a friend who survive cancer, as a human being, I feel happy for these people and, and as a cancer researcher, I feel proud of how much we accomplished. But we need to understand much more about this disease to prolong the lives of cancer patients now and prevent and treat cancer in future generations in our state.

Anna Prizment

Co-investigator (She, her, hers)

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My research career is focused on helping children grow up healthy.

Jen Poynter

Co-investigator (She, her, hers)

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I am interested in knowing what chemicals are responsible for human cancers so that we can develop ways to reduce exposure and prevent the disease.

Lisa A. Peterson

Co-investigator (She, her, hers)

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I am passionate about the 10,000 Families Study because it provides a unique opportunity to be involved in both design and implementation of a community based study that is specifically focused on understanding the factors that influence the health of Minnesotans.

Bharat Thyagarajan


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"more information coming soon"

Cavan Reilly

Co-investigator (he, him, his)

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What drew me to 10KFS and continues to inspire me are the goals of building an inclusive cohort reflecting the full spectrum of the population in Minnesota (and now its neighbors!), the genetics-lifestyle-environment mix, the long-term challenge, and finally working together with the team and partners to make it happen!

Andrea Hickle

Study Coordinator (She, her, hers)

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I was born with a passion for relationships and community. My job allows me to meet people from different communities and learn from them. It also gives me the chance to share why they should be included in the study, and the benefits that will bring them in the long-run.

Clemen Wilcox

Engagement Director (She, her, hers)

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I am passionate about the relationship between genetics, lifestyle, environment, and health. 10KFS will help us better understand these dynamic relationships, expanding what we know about long-term health, and this knowledge may help shape the future of medicine. People are not all the same, we all are beautifully unique, and a one-size-fits-all model to health falls short for so many. Precision medicine that considers each of these unique differences in genetics, lifestyle, behavior, and environment can powerfully change lives for the better.

Rana Leonhardi

Health Visit Coordinator (She, her, hers)

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As a medical researcher I am interested in finding out why people get sick. My goal as a computer scientist is to make finding those answers easy.

Adam Burns

Developer/Systems Admin (he, him, his)

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10KFS is intriguing because there are multiple variables at the physiological, genetic, behavioral, social, and environmental levels and their interactions among families that influence health, and 10KFS takes a broad look at these factors. This cohort is in Minnesota and its neighboring states, so the data from 10KFS is impactful for my family and friends.

Jaime Lavallee

Laboratory Study Coordinator (she, her, hers)

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I’m motivated by the fact that I get to help promote a study with a meaningful purpose. The 10,000 Families Study is helping us discover valuable health information that can help improve our lives!

Kathryn Richner

Social Media Guru

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Personal intro: I like working for 10KFS because I get to meet amazing families and work with a great team who are committed to improving the health and wellbeing of our communities. 10KFS represents a unique opportunity to study the impacts of genetics, environmental exposures, and lifestyle in a cohort that represents Minnesota. My favorite part of working for the study is the opportunity to meet new people and learn about their lives as we work to drive scientific discoveries together!

Pablo Monterroso

Research Study Support

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I am passionate about the relationships between the natural and built environment, health, and global populations. I also love learning from and working alongside different communities! These interests really align with the goals of the 10KFS study, so it’s been an exciting project to support and be a part of!

Masnoo Adem

Study Support Specialist

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