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10,000 Families is a Minnesota based research project.  We are inviting families who live in Minnesota to participate. We understand that some families are spread through the state and sometimes they have family members who live in neighboring states*.  We want to include all of you!

* Neighboring states: North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin

So, who can join?

We are looking for a person who lives in Minnesota and is older than 18 to be the first participant!  If that is you, please click here to find out if your family is eligible!  

If your family is eligible, then that first person can invite all your family members in Minnesota and neighboring states! 

Because 10,000 Families is looking to understand how genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors affect families and communities, all families are welcome to participate, including family members who are non-blood relatives such as  spouses and partners, adoptive and step members. 

Parents/guardians can enroll children from newborns to any child under the age of 18. Any adult 18 or older can enroll by themselves. We do not have an upper age limit for anyone as long as the person can give us informed consent to participate.  That means that they can understand and are willing to participate in our study. 

We encourage anyone who meets the criteria to participate and to share this information with neighbors and members of their community. 

Having a better understanding of what factors help or are a risk for particular communities’ health, as well as for the state as a whole, is our goal.  We want to provide essential information to health-care providers and public health professionals to improve the health of future generations.

For additional questions or concerns

Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or “Connect with Us”.

Have more questions? Review our frequently asked questions.

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