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  1. Researchers
    10,000 Families Study has created a platform and data infrastructure to provide researchers across the University of Minnesota unparalleled access to a vital research resource for NIH grants. This platform is always collecting biospecimens, phenotypic and questionnaire information from participant families for the study and with broad utility for other research questions. 10,000 Families Study can also be used to collect new types of data to address researchers’ needs for grant applications, new hypotheses, or new ancillary studies requiring specialized recruitment.
  2. Community organizations 
    One of the 10,000 Families Study goals is to build an inclusive research study that welcomes families from all communities across Minnesota, including rural/urban, income levels, communities of color, American Indians, refugees and immigrants, LGBTQ, people with disabilities, and others. We want to invite community organizations to participate, as well as to be an active voice about their community’s priorities and how we can give back. 
  3. Businesses
    We are aware of the commitment many businesses have to being an active part of the community. If you are interested in ways to partner for the benefit of the community you serve, we want to hear from you. Some examples include donating items, sponsoring or offering space for 10,000 Families Study events, translation and interpretation services, and others.
  4. Health-care providers and public health agencies
    10,000 Families Study seeks to understand why health conditions run in families or communities, as well as differences within families and across communities, to improve health care and public health. We are looking for partners to join us in this process. Examples of partnerships include helping us inform your population about participation and our findings, offering space at your location for health visits to collect biospecimens and physical measurements from study participants, and others.
  5. Educational institutions (Public & private)
    While based at the University of Minnesota, 10,000 Families Study values partnerships with other educational institutions of all types and levels. Opportunities include research presentations, internships and learning opportunities for students, collaborations with researchers, and study participation for families of students, instructors, and staff.
  6. University of Minnesota campuses and units
    The 10,000 Families Study is part of the University of Minnesota family. It is a join effort of the School of Public Health, the Medical School, and the Masonic Cancer Center. We would like to collaborate with you. We want to learn about your experience, and better understand and connect with your communities. We want to make 10,000 Families as welcoming and effective as possible in order to really represent the Minnesota community.



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