Clemen's Bio

African american woman wearing dress with large red skirt open widely - red rose on black hair

I was born with a passion for relationships and community.  My job allows me to meet people from different communities and learn from them. Also gives me the chance to share they should be included in the study, and the benefits that the study results will bring them in the long-run.

I am originally from Colombia, South America. I moved to the Twin Cities in 2019 after living in Iowa for more than a decade. My job as Engagement Specialist is to connect the Minnesota communities with the 10,000 Families Study, and the study with the community. I help people understand what the study intents to do and why it is so important for them to participate. I also help our team to understand what the community needs in order to join us in this adventure.

My formal education is as an Industrial Engineer, but I have extensive experience in the marketing and communications field. I am fully bilingual in Spanish and English, and a certified Public Speaker. In the study I use my skills not only to attract participants, and track information about demographics in our study that will need to match our community make up, but also to communicate our purpose in a clear and understandable manner to our current and potential participants.

A fun fact about me is that I love dancing. I learned how to dance from my mother when I was just 9 years old. Now I consider myself a great Latin dancer!


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