Andrea's Bio

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What drew me to 10KFS and continues to inspire me are the goals of building an inclusive cohort reflecting the full spectrum of the population in Minnesota (and now its neighbors!), the genetics-lifestyle-environment mix, the long-term challenge, and finally working together with the team and partners to make it happen!

Though I am not originally from Minnesota, I am happy to call it home and to see how it has grown and changed since I first lived here in my late teens. Living in North Carolina, New York, Ohio, and Nicaragua, and having family in India and California, has made me appreciate what Minnesota has to offer—and enriched my perspectives and expectations of Minnesota.

I have served as 10KFS Study Coordinator, working across all the moving parts of the study, since Feb 2019. My background and training are in Public Health—especially community based/-engaged—and addressing issues from housing and quality of life to emergency preparedness and global health--and now family and individual health over time. In my roles since coming to the University of Minnesota I have managed programs --building, expanding, & resourcing them--in research, education/training, & practice. I love to work across disciplines, sectors, & diverse communities to find common ground, problem-solve, and address mutual goals. All of that comes into play in the 10,000 Families Study.

Fun facts about me? I love to walk and to be active and explore new places, and I am also a home-body and love to sleep-in.


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